Er. S.K.Shukla = Mathsmagician!(Ph.D JNU) Ex. Faculty Resonance

Dedication :
Shukla Sir is a very dedicated towards students. He completes his syllabus nicely on time.
Visualisation :
He has the art totransform maths from abstract to reality. Students are able to understand 2 hour lecture in 15 minutes.
Maths Become Interesting :
For most of the student maths is a boring subject. But with SHUKLA SIR maths become interesting. If you start enjoying anything you can remember it easily.
Framing Question :
Student's don't just learn to solve the problems but they also learn how to frame new problem. .

This is why students says "Maths तो Shukla Sir से ही पढ़ेंगेें ! " .

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