Shukla Sir = Mathsmagician!!

Er. S.K.Shukla(Ph.D JNU)

S.K Shukla sir is also known as the mathsmagician among students:

Shukla Sir is a very dedicated towards students. He completes his syllabus nicely on time.
He has the art totransform maths from abstract to reality. Students are able to understand 2 hour lecture in 15 minutes.
Maths Become Interesting
For most of the student maths is a boring subject. But with SHUKLA SIR maths become interesting. If you start enjoying anything you can remember it earily.
Framing Question
tudent's don't just learn to solve the problems but they also learn how to frame new problem.

This is why students says "Maths तो Shukla Sir से ही पढ़ेंगेें ! "

Er. S.k Shukla is crazy faculty and self made figure. In very short he is real dronacharya in modern world. He is guiding the aspirants of IIT - JEE from the last 9 Year.